Hike at Morgan Territory 3/18/2008

We took a NEEB hike at Morgan territory on 3/18, and had out usual very good time walking and talking with the other moms and kids who came. This would such a great alternative to the trail head on Morgan Territory (farther away and yucky road) if it weren’t for the fact that you need to walk about 1/2 mile on paved Finley Road past houses and barns before you actually reach trails. Finley is pretty quiet, but it isn’t how you want to spend your time! Bikers and horses wouldn’t have a problem, but walking with kids is much slower! All that said, once you do reach the trails, it is beautiful and a wonderful hike for the spring, we just wished we could have hiked further (we did about 1 1/2 miles in from Finley). There is a nice shaded section in the beginning that follows the creek and meanders through a wooded forest. It then opens up bit, you pass an old white building (the old schoolhouse mentioned on the trail page?), and then you’re in meadows and open fields. We veered off Old FInley Road trail to eat lunch near a creek, which also had a fallen tree that the boys loved climbing, including Luke. He has an incredible interest in drainage pipes so every time we pass one, he always points it out to me and wants to know all about it. The one by our lunch spot was almost a tunnel, it was so big, and we had to do some serious convincing to keep him from climbing down and going through it!

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