Tech Challenge

Chance is on a Tech Challenge team this spring, run by a science museum down in San Jose (see, and while it has made our usually very busy spring schedule into an extremely “I want to tear my hair out” busy schedule, it has, on the whole, been a very good experience for him. He is on a team with three other boys from our 4-H club, and he’s been spending even more time with C, who lives just a few blocks down. They’ve been working on building the frame for their waterwheel for the past 2 days, and I’ve enjoyed just sitting on the deck knitting, listening to them tell incredibly juvenile jokes and horrible puns to each other while they drill and saw. Chance can seem like such an adult (at times, anyway!), it is good to see him be silly and just a normal 10 year old boy, even if their humor makes me groan at times.

I also like seeing Chance and his team work on the challenge of pumping water from a river, it is real engineering in action. Our schedule always slows down – thankfully – during the summer, so I might have Chance and Jack try out some of the old challenges that The Tech has put on in the past. If we manage to build anything, I’ll certainly blog about it!

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