Bigger isn’t always better

After traipsing around Cal all day, we finally arrived home, said “hi” to Luke and then promptly walked down the block to C’s house, where we discovered him in the midst of trying to get the waterwheel working. His mom had borrowed a wading pool from a neighbor, and the wheel was in the middle of the pool with the trench on a table above (to approximate the river flowing downstream). I took a position safely away from the water, and the boys turned on the garden hose and started hitting the water wheel on the paddles. It started turning, the tubing started filling up with water, and slowly but surely, water started dripping out the tubing into the collection bucket! We all cheered and took too many pictures.

A few days later on Saturday, Chance and Daddy joined the rest of the team down at the Tech Museum in San Jose to try out the wheel at the actual apparatus that will be used during the competition. John told me later that Chance was intimidated at first because almost all of the other contraptions were much larger and complex than ours, but as it turns out, bigger isn’t always better, since our wheel was one of the only ones to actually get water into the collection bucket and other teams were coming up to ours and marveling at how well it worked. The boys can’t become complacent because it was also obvious that most of the other teams weren’t as far along in designing and building as we were, and I’m sure they were galvanized into action after last weekend. Chance’s teammate is going to take the wheel down to San Jose again this coming up weekend, to test a few modifications to the wheel, but Chance won’t be going since he has his treasured role-playing class, Abantey at the same time. He will be doing some extra work for the documentation needed for the competition.

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