Luke-isms #3

He was pretending to shop, “I’m going shopping, Mama”.
“What are you going shopping for, Luke?”
“Candy and soy milk, we need a lot of candy and soy milk”.

Luke doesn’t really say “yes” and “no” anymore when you ask him a question, he says “maybe”, and “maybe yes” and “maybe no” in answer to everything. Even when he really wants something, he’ll still use “maybe”!

Playing with Jack:

“Luke, I need to change your diaper”.
“No, there’s a monster over there” (pointing to the dining room).
“I’m going to change you here on the couch, the monster won’t get you.”
“No, I’m going to go and get the monster!”. Runs over with his flute, takes a stance, and goes “Bam bam” into the dining room holding his flute like a gun. Runs back “I killed the monster” and gets under the blanket with Jack “I’m hiding from Jack”
Why do you need to hide? I thought you killed the monster, where is the monster?
“I don’t know” “Jack is the monster!”.
“No, he isn’t, you silly boy”.
“Yes he is!”
I go in a few minutes later, after Jack and Luke have been playing, and again:
“He’s supposed to be a bear, and Jack is being a monster instead!”
What does he have to do to be a bear?
“I made him a bear, but when he wakes up, he is acting like a monster, not a bear. He needs to be a bear!”
I refrained from saying “Jack, you heard your brother, be a bear!”

Luke is playing with some of his train bridges and discovers a pull-out piece that looks exactly like a coffee cup holder in a car. “Look Mama, it can hold a cup of coffee!”. “Oh, why don’t you go and show Grandma that she can hold her coffee on the train”. “Oh, her coffee cup is too big for this”. “Well what about the train people, don’t they drink coffee?”. “No, they only drink water and tea, not coffee”. “No coffee, why not?” “They just don’t. This holder would turn their coffee cups upside down anyway (too true) so it wouldn’t work anyway”.

Chance and Jack were at a long play date one day, and so I planned on taking Luke to the library in the stroller so I could get a walk in, but when we were outside on the porch getting ready to go, Luke says “I don’t want to walk to the library, I want to drive in the car”. “Oh Luke, Mama would really like to get a little exercise, why don’t we just walk?” “I don’t want to walk, I want to drive”. So we sat on the porch and talked about it a little, since he wasn’t crying or screaming, but being quite reasonable about it. “Luke, *why* do you want to drive? It is such a short drive and we won’t be in the car for very long”. “I don’t know why I want to drive, I just do. It is more fun to drive”. “Luke, how are we going to make both Mama and Luke happy here? What can we do to compromise?” “I don’t know Mama, I have to come with you in the stroller, and you have to drive me to the library, so I don’t know, Mama”. He was so reasonable (he hasn’t been very reasonable lately) that I said if we would take a walk when we got home, I could drive him to the library. He agreed and off we went.

Sitting on the porch, he notices that one of aloes has a very spiky inside section, and he asked “Why does it look like that on the inside?” I explain that it helps the plant protect itself from animals trying to eat it, and he replies “Oh, like the animals in the zoo, right?” He then point to my Aloe Vera and says “This is an aloe too, you break off the tip and use it to make burns feel better”. That’s right, kid!

He has found a set of old keys, and he uses them to “Go to Work”. He’ll jangle them in the living room, and then say “I have my keys now, I’m going to work”, and we’ll all say good-bye while he walks away into the hallway. He’ll then come back in a minute (Daddy wants that short of a work day) and announce “I’m home from work now!”, and we all welcome him home again.

Luke is *very* interested in the baby kittens and spends a lot of time running over to them to see if they are awake, or sleeping (usually waking them up int the process of running over to the box). When the boys first found them yesterday, we were all debating whether or not to keep them, and Luke is comforting them: “Dont worry, your mama will come and take care of you soon.” The we decide to keep them to stop two more stray cats from becoming part of the gang, so Luke tells them: My mama is going to go and get you some milk and feed you very soon” all in a sing-songy baby voice. It is good to know he can be so sweet!

“Mama, is it okay if we watch Arthur while I eat my sandwich in the living room (woom)?”

I was coming out of the bathroom the other day when Luke runs up to me with a Lego creation of his. “What did you make there, Luke?”.
“I don’t know what it is, it is something. Do you want to see me take it apart? Come to me please, up here. Come to me, Mama, come to me”.
I can’t ignore the call of the Luke, so I go up to the top of the stairs so he can take apart his little Lego creation.

Asking to be carried over to my new plant table (my cuttings that are on the side of the house), I say, “Luke, why can’t you walk over to the table yourself?”. “Mama, the sidewalk will be too hot, it is sunny outside. I will get a sunburn”. I carried him.

Just hanging out with Mama and Daddy, “Mama, I am a superhero!’. “Oh yeah, what is your superhero name?”. “Oh, I don’t know, something.’ Daddy pipes in, “It is a good thing I changed your diaper already or you would have to be Poopy Boy”, which causes Luke to erupt in gales in laughter, of course.

Making him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich last night, I finish making the sandwich and start to cut it in half. Luke yells “Mama, stop, stop!”.
“What in the world is the matter?”
“You need a clean knife to cut my sandwich, I will go and get a clean knife”.

When we are going somewhere in the car, if I turn the car before he is in all the way in his car seat, I will hear “Mama, don’t go yet, I am not all the way in!”. He finishes getting himself into the carseat, and then will tell me that I can go now. Sometimes when we leave the car to go into the store, he will very carefully lock all the doors, and now takes great delight in the fact that he can lock all of the doors at once by just doing the driver seat’s lock. He also needs to lock the doors before we go someplace too!

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