NEEB Hike at Bort Meadow

Another Tuesday, another hike! Not really (we do hikes the first and third Tuesdays, plus a Thursday hike once a month), but sometimes it can feel that way. Today, we did a close hike, Bort Meadow at Anthony Chabot, which is about 12 miles away. It is in the middle of all the green space that we have here in the East Bay, so it doesn’t take too long before you start feeling like you’re far away from cities and civilization.

We arrive a little late (can’t do 6 miles of a twisting, 2 lane road in 6 minutes!) to find a nice large group of our regulars, plus a few families who can only make the hikes once in a while. All boys again, since the few girls we do have took a day off, and we don’t seem to attract girls in the first place, which is a shame, because girls need to get out in the woods and hills and run around like wild dogs just like boys do (on a hike last month, the pack of boys went ahead on the trail and roamed up and down all of the hills and one of the moms called them a “pack of wild dogs”, which fits so perfectly, I now use it regularly). Ah well, off we went. I took a break from the backpack for Luke today and planned the hike to accommodate my tough and old jogging stroller since Luke doesn’t seem inclined to resume his 1-2 mile distances he was walking just a few months ago. Of course one of our regulars, M (just turned 4), wanted to use the stroller on the way back, so I put him in first and then Luke sat on his lap – the tw boys started arguing about the title of the theme song from Star Wars! Chance loves to sing/hum this song all over the house, so of course Luke does the same, and he thinks of it as the “Ummm Ummm de Dum” song (there aren’t any words in the song), while M thinks of it as the Star Wars song. They were getting very heated in their discussion, until Chance came by and told them that they were both wrong and/or right, it technically (one of Chance’s favorite words in a debate) doesn’t have any title and is just known generically as the theme song from Star Wars. Oh my, Luke and M are going to be very interesting together!

Other than that, it was a pretty uneventful hike, a few hills, and some breaks where we could see the views of the hills. We did see the goats, however, who are “hired” to eat the weeds and brush of the Regional Parks on occasion. The woman who owns the herd hires them out the parks to be fenced in a particular area to eat all of the poison oak, weeds and other nasties, and then moved to the next area when they are done. She has a small camper (it was right on the side of the trail), and the goats, plus a few kids were all busy munching behind their electric fence watching us pass by. Luke thought they were pretty neat, and pointed out the few babies, along with their “mama and daddy”. He doesn’t like it when we’re reading a book about an animal and said animal doesn’t have a daddy, or even worse, a mama!

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