San Leandro Shoreline Cleanup

Chance, Jack and I went to the San Leandro Marina this morning (we left Daddy and Luke happily playing with Legos at home) to participate in the Coastal Cleanup Day. We usually go to Alameda to do Crown Beach but we decided today to do something in our own town, and it was just amazing, or should I say depressing, how much more garbage we found at San Leandro Marina than Alameda’s Crown beach. The boys and I filled up a very large black garbage bag within 1.5 hours of work, finding not only the usual plastic and Styrofoam, but also a shoe, a pair of sweatpants, and unfortunately an used syringe (although it could have been a diabetic syringe, I suppose). The boys took the syringe very seriously and had me keep guard while they alerted a maintenance worker to come and retrieve it safely. Chance also talked to a park ranger who said that the first year (about 2 years ago) of Coastal Cleanup, volunteers picked up about 500 bags of garbage (!), while this year, they only expected 100 bags of garbage, so I guess that is indeed good news.

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