As I was walking down Dutton Ave….

Little kids have a way of turning the mundane into the exciting, even things that you might have seen a thousand times before. Luke noticed as he was looking out the front window that there was a big truck with a boom/cherry picker on it parked down the street, so he asked, nay, demanded that we go and check it out. So we walked down to see that it was a truck from a tree trimmer, and since they weren’t doing anything exciting, we turned around to go back home when Luke noticed an interesting truck parked on the side of the road. Two men got out of the truck and started scraping at the sidewalk in front of us, so Luke had us sit down to watch. Indeed, he was soon rewarded with the sight of them putting down some asphalt (it was even better when they had to tip their small truck to get at the last bit of asphalt). They then heated it up with a small blow torch type device (we were at least 20 feet away), and then out came one of the noisiest construction machines I have ever heard in my life. The men used it to stamp down the asphalt and make sure it was all level with the sidewalk, but I had to cover Luke’s ears, I was worried about hearing damage! They did about 3 patches, and I returned home, with a very satisfied little boy.

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