A parade, a parade!

We walked in the Castro Valley Rodeo Parade today with our 4-H club, and while Luke was a little intimidated by the noise and hustle bustle, he generally enjoyed all of the fuss, and Chance and Jack were unfazed by it all, except for the large Huey helicopter that was being carried on a trailer! As usual, we had to meet too early and then wait around for what seems like forever, but I guess it makes it easier on the organizers to have everyone in place with time to spare. I pulled Luke in a wagon, but everyone else walked of course, with our club banner and lots of signs with all of the projects we do and everyone in uniform. Castro Valley is a town about 10 minutes away from us and manages to still have a small town feel with lots of little businesses and very few chain stores. People lined up on the sides of Castro Valley Boulevard, and waved at us; did you know it can be tiring to ave continuously? Luke wouldn’t wave at all, not even once, but Chance and Jack did if I nagged them a little.

I complain and whine about the obligations of 4-H, but their motto is “Leadership, Life Skills and Citizenship”, and truly, that is exactly what the boys are learning. Anyway, there were horses and bands, lots of community groups, Boy Scout troops and motorcycles, and even a free hot dog lunch after it was all over. What more could you ask for?

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