Lukisms #4

Coming back into the house crying because his big brothers got mad at him for getting them all wet:
“Luke, would you like it if Jack squirted you with the big hose? You shouldn’t have been squirting them if they didn’t want you to do it”
“Yes, I should have, Mama. They were all dirty and needed to be washed”.

Playing with his new pirate ship:
“Mama, this is the booby trap for the pirate ship. It has a big net and it stops them from going onto the ship!”.

Watching “Iron Giant” with the big brothers, after telling me that he wouldn’t be scared this time:
“Mama, I think this is not appropriate, please turn it off”.

Walking down the street with Aunt Monica and Uncle Charlie to go to lunch in San Francisco:
“Mama, what is that red thing?”
“That is a stop sign so that cars stop and people have a place to cross the street” (my cousin Doug lives on a very long street with absolutely no place to cross for blocks and blocks).
“I don’t like that, I don’t want people to stop there in their cars”.

I left him home with Daddy (home with a bad back) to build Legos while I went to go and pick up the boys from seeing the new Indiana Jones movie for the second time, and on returning, Luke asks me:
“Mama, did you have fun?”
“Yes, Luke, I did have fun picking up the boys, did you have fun with Daddy?”
“Yes, Mama, I did have fun building Legos with Daddy”.
He asks me quite often if I’m okay (“are you okay, Mama?”), so I don’t know if he’s picking this up from me asking the big brothers the same thing when they are hurt (and Luke too!), or if he thinks I have a lot of bad days!

After a long day puttering in the garden, he comes to cuddle with me and says “Mama, you are happy with me, aren’t you?””Yes, Luke I am happy to be with you”. He then says “I am happy with you, I am happy with Daddy, I am happy with Grandma and I am happy with Chance and Jack”.

Trying to get his brother to play with him:
“Mama, he is making me sad!’
He then stands there with his eyes closed and his arms crossed, waiting for Mama to make Chance play with him. Of course, we just laugh, which makes a smile appear on his face while his eyes are closed. He can be quite the ham, Luke.

Luke was reading with me in the blue chair, when Grandma asked him a question about something. Luke holds his finger up at her and says “Grandma, just one second!”.

Luke was in my lap this morning trying to get my attention while I was looking at my computer. He says, “mama, you need to talk to me, you never talk to me!” I scoffed at him, but I did put the computer down, the little stinker.

I was on the back porch with Grandma, when Luke comes running out with her phone to his ear, yelling, “It’s Bernie! I’m talking to Bernie”. It turned out he had answered Grandma’s cell phone in the house, said “Is this Bernie?”, and when my Uncle Bernie told him yes, and where was his grandma, Luke told him “Grandma is outside with Mama”, whereupon he started running to give her the phone. I guess Luke has picked up on the fact that Uncle Bernie and Grandma talk every day : )

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