An awesome day

filled with a little bit of hiking and a whole lot of adventure and “playing bad guys” as Luke says! It was just an ordinary hiking group day, which are usually a lot of fun anyway, but this one was especially so. We met at the Estudillo trail head for Lake Chabot, which is close enough for us to walk to if we wanted, and took off to the northern part of the lake. We stopped to eat lunch near Bass Cove, and ended up staying for well over an hour because the kids were having too much fun playing in the water, using the reeds to make a “boat” and having adventures and just talking. One of the kids (Conner) who is a huge fisherman, found an old bobber and hook and spent the time trying to make a fishing pole to go fishing, while the rest were working on the boat. We finally had to start back to the parking lot when I realized one of the moms needed to get going to make a class, upon which much moaning of the kids ensued, but they were mollified when they realized that the parking lot was next to all these great old trees and frisbee golf markers, which were just perfect for pretending to be knights and having great battles! We moms just sat down for about another hour on the big logs and talked some more : )

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