End of summer

I took Jack and his friend Sean, along with Luke, to the Family Aquatic Center today. It is a new city pool here in San Leandro that we’ve been meaning to attend all summer and now that we’ve been there, we will be going as many times as we can manage! It has a huge toddler pool area with very shallow water, a playground with steps and a slide in the middle, plus fountains and tubes squirting water everywhere. Luke wasn’t too impressed with it and stayed with me by the table for most of the time, but Sean and Jack had a fabulous time. There is even a huge slide for the older kids (about as high as two flights of stairs) that they spent an hour on. Luke and I did run to the grocery store for some emergency snacks (“Mama, I am really hungry right now, I need to eat”) since the snack bar was closed today, but it worked out. Chance, on the other hand, stayed at Clay’s house and played games all afternoon, which was exactly where he wanted to be, too.

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