Art at our house

Luke draws a little almost every day, and he likes to have me ask him to tell me about his drawing, and to describe what I see (“oh my, you have lots of blue circles, and a few red lines”). He’ll go off and draw some more or another picture and then bring it back to me for some more art interpretation. Usually I have no idea what he intended on drawing, and neither does he:

“Luke, tell me about your painting”.
“Oh, I don’t know, I wanted to draw blue lines and scribble some yellow”.

Like these pictures:

But then Luke brought this picture to me, and when I asked him what all of the lines meant, he said, “Those are the lines for a house. with the pipes underneath”. I said, “oh, you mean like sewer lines and electricity wires and water pipes?”, and he crowed, “Yes!”. Then we decided to get out the cardboard blocks and build a house on top of his drawing, but then he got distracted with just building a castle with an opening, but that is okay too. If I remember my child development correctly, drawing lines in grids and squares is the next step after scribbling, so it is exciting to see Luke’s art change right before my eyes.

The day after the build session, Jack and Luke wanted to make some homemage Gak, which is similiar to Silly-Putty, and is made with Borax and glue (makes for a nice chemistry lesson later on). Luke was a little perturbed by the Borax, “Mama, do not touch the Borax, it will damage you”, but I told him it was non-toxic (he still didn’t believe me, but once I dissolved the Borax into the water, he seemed okay with it). Luke and Jack mixed up the solutions, and then started playing with it *before* it had dried a little, meaning it was still sticky and a little hard to get out of hair!

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