Halloween Fun

Well, first, it was the making of 2 costumes this year, a superhero for Luke and a Babylon 5 costume for Chance (Jack decided to reuse his Jedi cloak from last year – thank you Jack!). CHance picked out the best grey quilted material at the fabric store, it was just perfect for giving that metallic, padded miltary look that was relatively easy to sew from no pattern (it was just a simple vest). Daddy had ordered the pin for him, and with black gloves, a black turtleneck and black sweat pants, he was set. The first picture is from 4-H Skate Night on the 27th, of both him and Jack:

This next set of pictures are of Luke in his superhero cape that I made, which didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. The material is nice and shiny acetate (so the boys and I thought it would be perfect), but it is also very slippery and a little harder to sew than an amateur like me should attempt. It was inexpensive, and Luke will probably play with it a lot, but I’m going to try again and use the lessons I’ve learned in an attempt to make a nicer one. By the way, the “D” stands for “DangerMan” (it is on the other side of this reversible cape) and the “S” stands for “Superman”, both names Mr. Luke picked out all by himself! He did originally ask for a Super Villain cape, but changed his mind.

Some people in San Leandro really get into the mood for Halloween, we took a few shots of some of the things we saw on our walks in the week before Halloween – this is Luke with his green superhero cape (which had an unfortunate encounter with a rose bush later on the walk) by a tree with ghosties hanging down everywhere:

Someone in the middle of a remodeling job decided to have some fun with a concrete mixer, which the boys – except for Luke, maybe – thought was just terrific fun. Jack is calling in the emergency while Chance looks on:

Luke wanted to get a closer look, so Jack helps him up:

As for the actual Halloween night, Chance was the only one who went trick and treating (with his friends Sean and Clay). Jack wasn’t feeling well (he even fainted away when I was using him as a model for hemming Luke’s cape earlier in the day), so he very, very regretfully decided to stay home. We’ve all been fighting a bug all week, never quite sick enough to stay in bed all day, but sick enough to be low energy and ambition, and poor Jack was feeling his sickest on Halloween. Luke didn’t want anything to do with trick and treating, even eschewing the “Safe Streets” event down on the corner from our house, where the stores give out candy from 3-5 pm, so it is still light and the little kids can meet firefighters and policemen. While Luke refused to go and see the fire truck up close, he did let me take him down to the house that really does up Halloween in grand style, with a graveyard, a biohazard shed, etc., etc. Luke didn’t want to get very close, but he didn’t want to leave, either. When we returned home, he promptly fell asleep (he isn’t taking naps anymore, but when he is sick, he will sometimes “take a rest, Mama”). Chance went off to meet Sean and Clay, Jack stayed on the couch watching TV, and I went out to the porch to hand out candy. It rained on and off, so I didn’t have the hundreds of kids we usually get, but still enough to use up roughly 10 bags of candy; we finally turned off the porch light about 8:45 pm. Chance came home earlier than that and generously shared his loot with the brothers – dumping out the candy woke Luke up in a hurry! This last picture is of Chance before going off to trick and treat:

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