21October2008 Hike at Garin/Dry Creek

Our hike today was at Garin/Dry Creek Pioneer Preserve in Hayward. It is really close to some urban areas, but with the exception of some houses you can see from the trail, it is surprisingly rural and feels like you are out in the middle of nowhere. The first 2 pictures are at the beginning of the trail near the parking lot, and it is already looking beautiful:

We did try something new with this hike, we took a “Little Kid” hike and “Big Kid” hike, to let the littler ones dawdle and explore without having to worry about keeping up with the big kids, and also to let the big kids go at their own pace, and not have to stop and wait for the slowpokes bringing up the rear. Some of my regulars have been coming to our hikes for years, so I was more than comfortable with letting Jack go with them so I could lead the little kid hike (Chance wasn’t feeling great, so he stuck with me). There is a pond near the parking lot, so the 4 little boys on our hike had way too much fun stomping in the mud and wading in the water, all with their shoes on, of course. After playing in the water for a while, I did manage to talk them into doing a small hike into the woods at Garin, along with a huge climbing tree and some very narrow bridges. I forgot to take a picture, unfortunately, but let’s just say walking over these bridges brings dieting to mind!

The little kids did walk over a mile, but we did return to the parking lot area well before the other group, and fortunately, there were a number of old pieces of farming equipment, perfect for 4 little boys to climb on and pretend and play.

When the big group finally arrived back at the parking lot (lack of communication is probably the only disadvantage), and reported having a great hike, doing well over 4 miles and having a lot of fun. All agreed that separate hikes are probably the way to go for the time being, at least until the younger kids get a little older and keep up better.

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