A day in the life of Luke

A day in the life of Luke…what does that include? Well, most days Luke manages to do some kind of art, and lately painting has been his favorite, here is Luke exploring white paint with a little blue and/or red paint:

Then he went outside with Mama to “help” her water her plants, which turned into a game of running through the water stream as often as he could, getting thoroughly soaked. Once in the house to get changed, he turned into a monster!

A day without pretending would be a day without breathing for Luke. Here, he donned a water backpack (used by bikers to drink water on the move) and pretended to be a “surfer dude” for a while, of course mugging for the camera is de rigeur these days:

He loves the plywood pile near the front door, because when it is cleaned off, it makes a perfect “acrobat stage” (Luke’s own words). He persuades a reluctant big brother Jack to join him, and they put on a small performance, which consists of Luke running onto the stage from the kitchen (for a grand entry, of course) and doing acrobat tricks. He also has Jack sing the “acrobat” song and he sings along with him.

Most days, we try to take a walk in the neighborhood, and a few times, he has brought his new car (which is an old one from a neighbor cleaning out her boys’ toys), which makes a lot of noise on the sidewalk, but does cut down on the complaining of tired legs.

What day would be complete without a little torturing of the big brothers? Jack is trying to take a little rest on the couch, which of course, just presents a challenge to Luke. He ended up jumping on Jack, which didn’t end well!

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