Cluck, cluck, cluck!

We have a new member of our family:

Yes, that is a chicken, and yes, we are planning on raising chickens for their eggs right here in the middle of suburbia! I started a Poultry project with a neighbor who has about 18 chickens, and while I didn’t plan on getting a chicken quite this quickly, when the opportunity came to obtain a chicken from someone who had to get rid of her because she was having pecking problems with another chicken in the flock, I culdn’t resist. We don’t have a coop or anything, so she stays in a cat carrier (pretty big) during the night (when she sleeps anyway), and a very temporary home during the day outside in the backyard. It is essentially an old compost bin that is open to the ground, so while it is small (about 3 feet by 3 feet), it is outside, she has dirt, plants and bugs, and the box protects her from the 2 feral cats that prowl around the neighborhood. Apparently the cats won’t be a problem once we have more than one hen (the pecking scares them off quite effectively), but two cats against one hen is another story. If we are out in the backyard, she is out in the yard too, and her first day out in the yard (yesterday, Nov. 3rd), she really enjoyed walking around and pecking at all of our plants and bugs, and she even stayed with us and didn’t try to go next door (big gap in the fence). This morning, when I left her outside for a little while, she came up on the deck after I came in and started pecking at the door, so she is quite the sociable little hen! This next picture shows you just how much:

I couldn’t believe how long she stayed in Jack’s lap and let him pet her, oh my goodness. Jack is in the Poultry project with me, and he and his friend Clay are working hard on coming up with plans for a coop, and the neighbor is coming over tomorrow to meet the new addition, and help finalize the coop plans. I’ll keep you updated!

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