I found Luke in the kitchen with a dining room chair in the kitchen, with about 4 cartons of soymilk on the chair around him. “Luke, what in the world are you doing?”
“Mama, it is a Soymilk chair – it can turn you into a monster, a house, a castle”.
He sat there for about another 10 minutes just pretending…

He spent some of his trick and treat money on a drill at the used toy store in Berkeley. On the way home, we stopped at Mama’s yarn store, and of course he took his drill with him, using it to fix a pole on the atreet, and a few things in the store, too.

Trying to get Daddy going on Saturday morning with errands and tasks to do:
“Daddy, do you need me to crack the whip and get you guys going? Daddy, we need to do the morning pages, or Mama will whack us with the rope!”.
(the morning pages are quick writing and spelling assignments for Jack from the educational counselor).

Fighting with Jack on the couch:
“Luke, why are you being so mean to Jack?”
“Jack hit on the helmet all day and all night! He put the helmet this way so I couldn’t see, so now I want to sit on him!”.

Kissing up to Mama:

Luke: “I like you Mama”.
Mama: “I like you too, Luke, and I think you are so much fun”.
Luke: “I think you are fun too, Mama!”

“Here is a cookie with worms in it, Mama”.
Mama: “I don’t like worms, Luke”.
Luke: “I cooked the worms until they are dead!”

One of Luke’s favorite things to do is to make food with his clay and present it to people for them to eat. He usually makes cookies and pancakes, or maybe something from a recent dinner or breakfast. One day, he made a very memorable meal for me:
“Here is a pancake with maggots in it, Mama”.
I honestly don’t know where he is learning about maggots, but I’m curious!

Another recent development with Luke is his made up vocabulary. He’ll sometimes just talk for a few minutes in complete gibberish, and then laugh when asked to explain what he is saying. He and Chance play this a lot together, actually:

Luke: “I’m going to punch your gunga!”
Chance: “I don’t have a gunga, Luke. What is a gunga anyway?”.
Luke: “It is a face without eyes, mouth or eyes, just hair.Or a fish that doesn’t play games”.

More in this vein:
“You eat the bugga and I’ll go and get the sugar! Mama is the sugar and I’m going to put you on my toast and eat you all up!”.
I’d really like to know what he is talking about!

Another recent purchase is a little doctor’s kit that has seen quite a lot of playtime in the last few weeks.
Luke getting ready to put his stethoscope on my chest: “Here it comes. It is beating, but wait a minute, I feel something. You ate the wrong thing, Mama”.
“What did I eat?”
“You ate a picture of me fixing you up! That is my picture!”
More doctoring:
“It won’t hurt, Mama, please move your shirt so I can listen to your heart. Really, Mama you be the doctor, it will be fun and I won’t mind! You do it!”

Christmas list:
“I want to get a helicopter for Christmas. I can start it up, and fly it all over and over! They have them on sale now, Mama”.

Luke: “I found these two smarties under the table, can I eat them?”.
Mama: “Luke, you already had your candy allotment for today, so you need to wait until tomorrow”.
Luke: “No, I didn’t have any candy today yet”.
Mama: “Yes you did, Luke, remember, when you had all those skittles this morning?”.
Luke: “It is okay, it doesn’t kill me”.

Luke running around the house with his spaceship backpack on:
Mama: “Where are you going with your rocket ship?”
Luke: “I’m going to outer space, do you want to come with?”.
Mama: “Sure!!”
Luke: “Mama, you need the rocket ship if you are going to be in outer space. You’re supposed to put one arm into this strap, and your other arm in this strap, and that is how it goes! So put it on, Mama!”
He lets me wear it for about a minute, and then takes it back:
Luke: “If I see any aliens, I will shoot them with my missile launchers…”
(in a deep voice)
“I’m an alien out in outer space”.

Three year old angst:
Luke: “Mama, I don’t want to play with my toys, I don’t want to play with my clay, I don’t want to paint, I don’t want to read, I don’t want to do anything”.
Mama: “Wow, Luke, is there anything you want to do?”.
Luke: “I want to hug and kiss and hug and kiss!”
I give him many hugs and kisses and ask: “Was that enough hugs and kisses?”
Daddy then asks, “Maybe you should go to bed”.
Luke: “Oh, no, I want to play and play and play”.
He goes off and comes back to my chair:
“I will come over to your house tomorrow, okay?”
Mama: “Okay, that sounds good”.
Luke goes off again and returns: “Oh, my mama said I could come over to your house and stay forever and forever and forever! I can stay all I want, I can come over any time I want. When it is sunny, when it is dark outside, whenever!
Luke goes off on a search…
“Mama, where is my fire hat?”
He goes off and searches some more and comes back all dressed up: “Mama, I am a fireman with a hospital kit, and I am going to take care of you. I will not give you a shot. I need to put this this (Grandma’s cane from when her knee was out” on your head, so keep it there, okay?”. He puts the stethoscope (it makes a heart thumping sound) on me, and listens “There you go, your heart sounds fine, all done”. He then removes the cane (he’s been playing with it all evening), adjusts it, and then says “I need to put this on your head again, okay?”. “I need to go and get my knife. I have to cut this bad thing off of your arm, it is part of the dead skin” (we’ve been talking about skin lately).

And finally, last night Luke was being scolded by me for doing too many “tummy pushes” (he really likes to massage my tummy for comfort, which is fine in very small doses, but over and over again gets a little annoying, and I was in the bathroom!). He gets upset, and says “But Mama, I have some yellow on my shirt”. (Yesterday, I told him he could have as many “tummy pushes” as he wanted if he wore his yellow shirt he was refusing to wear), to which I answer, “Luke, I was trying to use the bathroom, and I really didn’t like you doing “tummy pushes” then, and I asked you very nicely to stop”. Luke then tearfully says, “I still love you, Mama”, at which Daddy almost gave him a standing ovation for the guilt trip of the year!

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  1. I like the Lukism “I still love you Momma” Even in the frustration of not getting his way, that was absolutely the most beautiful response to Momma. I like his thinking and also shows how Momma does such a fantastic job in explaining problems she encounter with Luke. Keep up the excellent work Momma. From: Grandma Joan

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