Schoolwork week of 1Jan2009

Today was a day off!

Jack did work on the coop with Daddy (as well as Clay), and we did fit in a nice walk up the hill behind Sheffield Village.

We also watched a Nature documentary on spiders – the great hunters.

Since yesterday was a entire day off for the boys (they went to Game Day with Conner in San Jose with Rochelle), we made today (Saturday) more of a work day than we usually do. Chance and Jack worked on their presentations for the 4-H Presentation Day rapidly approaching: Chance is giving a presentation on the use of blogging technology and Google Sites in making 4-H projects easier and more collaborative, and Jack is working on a team I-Movie with Walden on the Science of Composting, or Decomposition. It takes some time to learn the I-Movie program, but he is to the point where he is sorting through his pictures to start the process of making the I-Movie, but he has some more research to do on the science part. Chance isn’t going to do an I-Movie, but rather a PowerPoint presentation – even with the reminder that he’ll have to talk through the entire thing – which I think he’ll enjoy, since he lost out on a gold medal last year because he was figetly waiting for the I-Movie to finish.

They are also working through the new Horrible history and science books


Today was a rushed day, Jack and I had to prepare for the City Council meeting tonight (writing the script and then working on wit with Clay and Claudia at the Officer’s Meeting), but Chance did do some NEM math, a little bit of division, plus some miscellaneous reading. Jack and I worked a little bit on the research for his composting I-Movie, and both of the boys watched a good 90 minutes of”Russia, Land of the Tsars”.

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