Project Meeting 15Jan2009

We met at Zocalo’s for our meeting, and after giving Mariah the one square I made for her charity project (Warm Up America)  – I will have more next time – we moved onto Shetland Lace. Shetland Lace is a particular form of lace knitting started hundreds of years ago by the ladies in the Shetland Island (part of Scotland) and was revered as a very beautiful, fine lace much prized by the wealthy ladies of London and elsewhere. The needles used are very fine and the wool is from the sheep raised on the Shetland Islands, which is like most of Scotland, very cold and damp in the winter.

Some pictures of heirloom Shetland shawls

If you look around the above website, there are additional pictures and patterns.

Mariah and Claudia started knitting from this pattern (just click on it to enlarge, it will do it twice if needed):

Chart and directions for lace pattern

Jack and Daniella are continuing to work on their knit and purl stitches, and Daniella also conquered the cast-on technique (holding the yarn in both fingers and making loops). We also showed a coffeeshop patron how to do the stretchy cast-on I was showing Daniella – she was so intrigued, she came over and asked for help!

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