New Haircuts and Chicken Eggs

We had a lice scare a week or so ago, and after cutting all the boys’ hair, washing and drying clothes and bedsheets and combing everyone’s hair for days, we never found anything else after the first egg (and now I’m wondering if we were fooled by some lint, but we were with a family who came down with lice later), so all we have left are some very short haircuts. Luke especially has not had hair this short since he was born, and he wasn’t too pleased with the clippers, but I think he looks very cute!

We also had some excitement last week when Jack realized Jaina laid her first egg, oh my! Luke here (with his short hair) is holding her very first egg on the back deck. We now have 9 saved up, so we are hoping Jack will allow us to cook them up very soon, but we’ll see : )
I am also including a picture of Jack reading his article about Jaina (our chicken) and his 4-H Poultry Project in the newspaper. When he and his fellow members went before the San Leandro City Council to ask that the law forbidding chickens be changed, a reporter from the local paper was there and asked if she could interview the kids for an article in the paper. She came to our house that week, along with a phtographer, and lo and behold, the kids were in the paper by Friday!
Luke has been pretending up a storm lately as well, here he is with his store, complete with a register (adding machine) and computer. Daddy brought some tape, and received a very nice receipt, complete with scribbles from the store owner. He was a pretty bossy store owner, though, we had to return the tape almost immediately so he would have something to sell.

Here are a few pictures of the boys on some of our latest hikes:

This is a picture of Luke traisping with Mama on the hills of Glen Park in San Francisco while the older brothers are taking a naturalist class:

We took a day off last week and met some of our friends at the Berkeley Marina to fly kites (not enough wind, but the boys had fun trying) and walking along the water for a little hike.

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