Project Meeting 19Feb2009

Today we met at Zocalo’s and worked on a few different things. Claudia learned a cable for the first time, Mariah continued to work on lace, Jack learned how to cast on and continued working on his knit and purl stitches and Grace, a new member, learned how to knit and cast on, all in an hour!

Here is a link to a webpage with learn to knit videos: You can also check on YouTube for learn to knit videos, there are quite a few there as well.

Some free online knitting magazines just for fun:

Knitty magazine

Twist knitting magazine

I forgot to mention at the meeting that there is going to be a huge Stitches convention the weekend after this one down in Santa Clara, with classes, workshop, and of course, a big market hall with lots of yarn and accessories to look at:

Stitches West 2009

And finally, here are some additional lace patterns from the sampler book, as well as the glossary pages explaining the stitches.

Glossary page 1Glossary page 2

Glossary page 4Glossary page 5Glossary page 6

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