15Feb – 21Feb2009 Schoolwork

This past week has been mostly working for Miss Eleanor. Chance rewrote his essay for her and finally nailed it, and then he’s been working on his algebra for the rest of the time, making it to Chapter 4 of the Dolciani book. He’s also been reading Throes of Democracy (Civil War), plus a few different code books. Latin is also starting to become more of a challenge, as his class with J and J is moving beyond the introductory level into the cases and genders. His meeting with Miss Eleanor (2/22) showed he is continuing to progress on the essay writing, and she also went over some of the wrong answers he got on the diagnostic test (English) and did a crash course on punctuation and other material. She’ll review the rest of his wrong answers and work some more with him this next week.

Jack is zooming ahead on the spelling work, we spent the last 2 weeks concentrating fully on spelling, writing and typing. He’s copying words from “Words, Words, Words”, learning the words on the High Utility 500 list (we got up to word #140 by the meeting today), got through all of the letters in typing, did a few words from Word Smart, and finished the first handwriting book. Miss Eleanor added a few more things to the list (copying 5 sentences from “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” every day, trying to spell the sentence with me, having Daddy make puns with the 500 word list and copying those, and continuing with typing and the rest. We also managed to fit in some math – a little bit of CSMP, and the Pythagoras chapter from the AIMS book, Historical Connections in Math. He also kept reading Little Women (he finished 2 Frank Baum Oz books a few weeks ago), and I read some of Shelby Foote’s Civil War narrative history to him (the opening chapter about the life of Jefferson Davis leading up tot he secession – an excellent book by the way, it really brings the Civil War to life!). We also finished the Frontier House series from PBS.

We also had a science class with Clay’s Hydrodynamic Building Set, and did some more logic in Geometry class with Galen. Some NOVA’s he watched:

Arctic Dinosaurs

4-winged dinosaurs

krakenburg moutnains

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