Scoolwork week of 16March2009

We didn’t get a huge amount done this week, but we did manage to have some fun.

Monday – a busy day for the boys, since they went to Max and Will’s house to play D&D with Dylan graduate student in game theory from Stanford). They went to Spice Island with Daddy for lunch, and then came home.

Tuesday – a NEEB hike after canceling 3 of them due to rain. The hike was out at Morgan Territory, which is about 10 miles north of Livermore, which wuldn’t be so bad except that the road is very narrow in places and curvy at the same time, and it is hard to see what would happen if I met a car coming from the other direction! I haven’t had it happen yet, but that’s small consolation. Anyway, it was a gorgeous day for a hike, cool and sunny, and our favorite people showed up – Jennifer and Galen, Carrie, Nathan and Jesse, Carolyn and Micah, and Liz, Walden and August, for their very first hike. Luke was in heaven having August there, even though Auggie is 8 years old, he is a quiet boy (has been going to speech therapy since he doesn’t talk) and seems to enjoy Luke’s company, since he talks enough for the both of them. We did split up about halfway through the hike so the older boys could get some mileage in, and Jesse, Luke, August, Walden, Jack, Liz and I finished up the hike with some time next to the pond and some great rock climbing right near the parking lot. We heard lots of bullfrogs and birds (red and black ones with a very familiar song from our birdsong tape), really, a marvelous day, but way too tired when we got home to do anything other than make dinner, and deal with Chance’s worry about getting poison oak (showers for everyone, plus laundry).

Wednesday – a free day, although Chance spent about 4 hours with Clay working on their plan for a tri-fold to show to the preseident (hopefully) at the awards ceremony for the PEYA awards. I did run to Alameda and pick up the CSA box, and Jack and I did some CSMP math and some spelling work. He’s working very hard on typing in “My Father’s Dragon”, and writing out pages from “Words, Words and Words”. Chance did fit in some algebra and finished up his Latin for the next day.

Thursday – took BART to Berkeley twice, once to drop Chance off at Latin (he caught a rde with Jennifer and Jessica), back to San Leandro to make the Knitting meeting at Zocalo’s, back to Berkeley to wait in front of the Public Library for Jimi’s mom to come, and then back again to collaspe with an intense headache (bed early for me!). No work with Jack, unfortunately.

Friday – Did a POW from Math Forum with Jack (Gas Guzzlers), plus a ton of work from the AIMS book “Multiplication he Algebra Way”, where he worked on horizontal multiplication in preparation for working with polynomials. Chance worked intensely on his algebra, working thorugh exponents again and again.

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