Luke’s Birthday Odyssey – Part One

Luke turned 4 today! He had quite an exciting few days, starting with a package from Aunt Karen and Kelly, which was a real Detroit Police cap and two t-shirts, one that looked like a police and uniform and one that said “Detroit Police Tough Guy”.Luke was extremely excited with both shirts, but decided to start with the uniform one, insisting on taking off his shorts and putting on what he deemed proper police pants, and putting on some underwear (since he had been wearing Pull-ups on our errand). After all that, he happily posed for some pictures with his new uniform, and then went off in search of his favorite police boots (Grandma has a pair of black boots that fit the bill perfectly, you can hear him clunking around the house in those boots 3 rooms away). He also found an old holster belt that Jack had received years ago as part of a cowboy outfit, and put one of his squirt guns in to serve as his police weapon. Jack proceeded to tell him about how he had loved the cowboy outfit which had come with a hat, a orange and green replica of an old-fashioned gun, and the black holster Luke had found. “I used to love running around the house shooting at things, and I especially remember shooting at the windows, how about that!”.

Luke ended up wearing the shirt to bed that night, all the next day and evening, and only changed the shirt (it was dirty) because he could then wear the other shirt Aunt Karen and Kelly had sent, which you can see in the next sequence of birthday photos in the next blog post.

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