Luke’s Birthday Odyssey – Part Two

The day of Luke’s birthday started slowly, but we did tell him “Happy Birthday” when he woke up and gave him birthday hugs, although I think he was expecting fireworks, cake and ice cream and presents right when he woke up. He had requested french toast for his birthday breakfast, but after I started his chocolate cake and popped it into the oven (it was the second day of a mini-heat wave, and turning on the oven when the house was 85 degrees was not allowed!), I went to go and help Chance and Jack pack up from spending the night at the American Cancer Society Relay for Life they had spent the night at, clean up the water bottles (we were in charge in providing water for the walkers) and watch the closing ceremonies. Even at 8am, the weather was already sunny and starting to get hot, so we stayed in the shade while waiting for the closing ceremonies. That done, we came back home and started up the french toast for the birthday boy, who kept saying “It is my birthday today!”, as if we were going to forget. Daddy told us that he and Luke has reenacted his actual birth day, going into the bathroom at 9 am, and repeating what Mama had said when he was born “Is he all right?”, and the Luke giving a good cry and then being quiet after Daddy wrapped him in the towel and laid him back on Mama waiting for the firemen. Luke laughed through all the good parts telling me what he and Daddy had done.

Grandma came home from church and then left again with Jack on a secret mission to bring home some balloons and party materials (firemen plates and cups, a huge hit with Luke). Luke’s eyes just widened on seeing the balloons and had a good time on the couch with Grandma:

The poor birthday boy was getting worn out waiting for the presents and cake, so we decided to let him open a present early, and he thought that was a splendid idea, expertly opening the gift after we sang “Happy Birthday” to him.

It was a little wooden play kitchen for a tabletop, with an oven, two stove top burners and a shelf for storage, all of which met with approval from Luke. He helped Daddy put it together right away, and proceeded to make pizza with egg on top for anyone who ordered one. Then he asked us to be the cook, so he could come up to the kitchen to order food for himself.

Again, it was another scorcher of a day, with the house reaching 83 degrees insides, so instead of turning on the oven to make Luke’s requested roast chicken and mashed potatoes (I was just wilting at the thought of making all of that), we had cold sandwiches with all of the fixings instead, and then finally, finally, the cake and presents! I have found that I can use our Earth Balance margarine to make a reasonable buttercream frosting, but it is very sensitive to heat, and so it was a race all day, trying to put a crumb layer of frosting on the cake as quickly as possible, put it back into the fridge, turn the fridge down when the cake wasn’t cooling off as fast as it should, frost it some more, put it back into the fridge, take it out for the last addition of frosting and then back into the fridge for one last attempt at hardening the buttercream. I even contemplated making room in the freezer to chill the cake, but decided against it. So,

So, we put in the candles, and told Luke he needed to make a wish before blowing out the candles. Here he is awaiting the lighting of the candles:

Thinking about that wish:

Thinking about that wish even more:

And finally blowing out the candles:

Waiting for the candle/cake to blow up like they did last year?

With the cake back in the fridge to harden some more, Luke gets to the cards and presents; here he is opening a silly singing card from everyone, “It sings to you when you open it!”.

Opening up his pirate card from Cioca:

“It is a birthday check!”

And the moment this little boy has been waiting for all day, opening up the rest of the presents:

A new Lego set picked out by Daddy, of course, which garnered the “take off my shirt” happy response:
This next present was 2 race cars,

that came with a very cool race track that does loop-de-loops:

Posing for a picture with his favorite balloon, the fireman one, of course.

After some cake and ice cream, the boys decide to take the Darda race track for a spin, and much fun was had by all, including the birthday boy, of course.

After all of the festivities, Luke was going around the house singing “Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me”, so I think he had a very good day!

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