Lucasfilm Outing

On Wednesday, May 21st, I took the boys for their last Lucasfilm presentation in San Francisco. Lucasfilms is the film company started by George Lucas that makes Star Wars, and these presentations (this was the 5th one) are the people who work on the special effects coming and talking to students about how they do special effects and other topics, so they were a must-see fiel trip for the boys, no kidding! Here is a bad shot of the group the boys went with after the presentation hanging out talking; you can even see a shot from the movie that the presenter used in his talk.

While the boys were in the theater, Luke and I walked down to a playground that is on top of a hill with about 40 steps leading up to it, where he played with some little girls in a train until it was time to meet the brothers. Luke always enjoys walking to and from the park, since it is about 7 busy city blocks, with stores and restaurants and many interesting things going on, like a Christmas Tree Light company putting up lights in the trees on one of our earlier trips. No orange couch outside the modern furniture store today, unfortunately, but Luke didn’t seem to mind. After we met the brothers, we were going to go and get some Japanese food (the theater is in Japantown), and Luke aid, “Mama, I want to go to the place we saw on the way in, the one we ate at before”. I was confused and assumed he had seen a place on the way from the busstop that looked interesting to him, and asked him “Oh, you mean that noodle place across the street with the curtains in the window?”. With a little indignation in his voice, he replied “Nooo, Mama, the place we ate at last time!”. I was sure he couldn’t possibly remember the restaurant, since it is inside a large mall with many other stores and cafes, but sure enough, he pulled me down the street, and led us up the walkway to the mall! We walked into the mall and down a long hallway, and he then pointed out the same restaurant we had eaten at about 4 months ago, so I didn’t have the heart to say “no” even though the food wasn’t stellar, since he had worked so hard to get us there. Here is Luke and Jack starting to eat the donburi they ordered to share:

The boys can manage chopsticks somewhat well, so Luke has to try every time, although he switches to a fork pretty soon.

After we finished lunch and took the bus back to the BART station, and then a train back home (sounds complicated, but it is much easier than driving over the bridge and through San Francisco, not to mention the agony of parking), Luke found a little girl with her grandma and dad, and decided it was his job to entertain her. He is making faces for her in this picture, but also kept up an unending stream of commentary, telling her about the trains going by, the scenery, and of course his family: “This is my brother Jack, and that is my mama and other brother over there. I also have a daddy and grandma at home who lives with us. Oh and yes, I have a Cioca who lives in Michigan, but that is very far away and I have to take another train to get there”. The woman must have asked him how old he was, so he called over “Mama, how old am I again? Oh yes, I am four years old!”.

After that long day, Luke wanted a bath, which is a far cry from his attitude about taking baths a year ago, thank goodness, now we have to dissuade him from taking multiple baths a day sometimes.

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