Skunks and clothespins

Luke has started preschool, a lab school up at Merritt College two days a week, with wonderful drama and pretend areas (he was wearing a police hat when I left him there yesterday), but his appetite for drama and pretending is unabated. His favorite activity to do with his Grandma lately has been puppets, and when Daddy came home late last night, the three of them performed a marvelously funny skit involving a skunk perfuming the air, with very funny results.

He started with Grandma, just playing on the couch, when Daddy came home from work and joined in with the alligator.

Since Luke was a skunk, he kept pretend spraying and then joking “I’m just kidding, I’m not really spraying!”. Daddy and Grandma started holding their noses, and then Daddy mentioned clothespins, so I went and got him one. He put it on his alligator’s nose, which meant Grandma’s cougar needed one as well.

Here’s Luke the skunk holding his nose with the smell, and then he decides he needs a clothespin!

So Luke the skunk gets a clothespin…

and works very hard…

to put it on the skunk’s butt! Daddy and Grandma find this hilarious of course.

Daddy the Alligator then helps Luke the skunk put the clothespin on right, first on the butt…

and then on the nose.

Thus ends the stinkfest!

He doesn’t talk about preschool very much when he comes home, and even decided to stay home on Monday of this week (he did seem under the weather), but from scraps, it sounds like he doesn’t like to participate in the group singing, but prefers to play with the blocks and pretend play equipment. He’s only finished his second week, so I haven’t had a lot of time to talk with the teachers or director about him, but when I picked him yesterday, I told the teacher I was Luke’s mom, and she said “Oh, my little Luke!”. I wasn’t too sure what to make of that, but it does sound like he is getting along with his teachers at least!

I had August with me when I picked him up yesterday, since Jack and Walden needed to work the Farmer’s Market, which elicited a big “Whoo!” from Luke when he heard that he and August had a few hours to play when we returned home. I thought Legos would be the toy of the hour, but they found a big “Snap Circuits” box when we got home, and they spent the entire time playing with this science toy that lets kids put together electrical circuits to light lightbulbs, sound an alarm or set off a flying top. In fact, Jack, Grandma and Luke are engrossed as I type this in trying to make the recorder work! I am not too sure Luke understand electricity more than he did last week, but he is enjoying it.

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