Journal entry

Consistency (this means the daily/weekly schedule) Jack does okay when he knows what is coming up. He’s given up on us having the same routine every single day, but I try to give him a sense of what is coming up this week (empty week this week, except for going to the new Star Trek exhibit this Friday at the Tech), and then every day. He gets “upset” (in a joking sort of way, but Jack doesn’t really joke about his feelings) when I forget to tell him what is coming up for the day.

Speaking (his refers to Jack speaking) We are getting a lot of one on one time with Jack (both me and John, especially on our walks), and he opens up quite nicely, although not always about deep feelings or anything.

Originality (Jack’s progress on coming up with his own ideas) He did come up with the idea of writing about D&D all by himself, and I know that you consider D&D unoriginal, which might be why he picked it (being able to use familiar characters and story lines), but at the same time, he is enthused about it, so little steps.

Perspective (This is where his opinions are reported)
He was quite funny on the way home from Quantum Physics on Friday night – he went on and on about one of the kids who is in the class who “just doesn’t seem to get it, Mum. He is 9, maybe, but he acts like he is 7 and just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the class”. I asked him if he was disruptive and making the class less fun and effective that it could be, and he didn’t want to go that far, but he did say “Yen is always telling him to sit down, and listen, so I just don’t think he understands the material that much. He likes to say these really big words that sort of go with the topic but not really”. I then asked him if he thought Michael and Ryan are holding back to make sure this kid can keep up, and he replied “I don’t think so, I think they are going as fast as they wanted to, but S has never answered a question right yet”.

I’ve doublechecked in a casual way about his feeling about QC and did it again that night, and he is happy in QC (although he did come and find me during snack time and said “I’m going to have to write some things down when we get home, Mum, we have homework”) and feels comfortable with the material and understands the majority of it. He asks questions in class (not every time, but on average, 1-2 per class), and really likes the teachers. He was in a bit of a flurry Friday morning, since he hadn’t answered the questions for homework, but he sat at the dining room table, and wrote down answers while doublechecking with Daddy about his answers (John is good about not answering the homework questions, but just verifies Jack’s thinking so he feels confident he is on the right track. He was actually writing answers all by himself in the car on the way to Biology Lab (which is before QC)!

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