Journal Entry

Laughter – a few times this weekend have found him laughing: we watched a funny movie on Saturday night (Marley & Me) where he was really laughing at a few of the dog’s antics. He also found the mom’s comments about working with ethyl alcohol at our next biology lab session hilarious (I suggested getting vodka if we couldn’t get ethyl alcohol, and she quipped about drinking the  vodka in between experiments). Jack even told Daddy all about it later at home. We’ve also been taping the Monty Python specials, and he loves those as well.

Abandon (really playing!)
He’s been getting back into his drawing lately (colored pencils and drawing pictures), and commented to me last week that I’d been right about suggesting he’d do more drawing. He also read quite a bit of his Hardy Boys books this weekend as well.

Time for bed – more tomorrow!

Dependence (someone else answering questions, etc.)
Idea Fluency (coming up with his own ideas)
Speed (how fast he starts writing when given a prompt)

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