Journal Entry – Tuesday 8Dec2009

Jack and I weren’t able to get a whole lot done, but we did work in Building Poems, for the first chapter. Also started on Caesar’s English, Lesson 5, but didn’t get too far, since he had to go to Walden’s house to work on the movie. Chance went to Latin, and did some more Latin when he got home.

Luke – brought me the Berenstain Bears book about “Trick and Treating”, and asked me what letter the “T” was. I told him it was the letter t that makes the “t” sound (trying to make a t sound without any vowel sounds with it is tough), and then I gave him a few more words that start with T. On the way to pick up Jack, he was singing to himself in the backseat “t, truck, starts with a t”, and I joined in with some more t words, and then we did b words and g and f. I make sure to tell him that the sounds start the words, but I have to wonder what is going on in his head!

Made first sandwich bread with Reinhart’s overnight method – good, plus the raw cheesecake with coconut oil that was vile!

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