Thursday, Dec 10th, 2009

It was a Homeschool Craft Fair today, so we picked up Claudia from her house, and then drove to Berkeley to pick Chance up from his last Latin class at Athena’s house. The Craft Fair was fun for the boys, they brought marshmallow shooters from a booth, and spent the rest of the time running around outside with a bunch of other boys. I got to meet a member of BAGHS (Judith Barish) and also met Kathy Kramer’s daughter Kelly, who is almost a year old, which tells you how long it has been! She used to come to the hikes with her son Peter, but the baby has kept them home from those this past year.

We came home and just relaxed, although the boys did do some more shooter games outside, and feverishly made plans to make more (which PVC parts they would need, getting Daddy to go to the local hardware store with them).

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