Friday, Dec 11th, 2009

The boys had dentist appointments in the morning, then Christmas shopping all day for me! Chance’s pre-cavities in a few of his teeth aren’t progressing at all, so Dr. Smith congratulated him for keeping them at bay with the brushing and flossing, and then applied a fluoride treatment that almost made Chance gag, plus he complained bitterly about it for the next 2 hours, because it left a nasty taste in the mouth even after rinsing and drinking water. Luke and Jack had no cavities, and Luke did okay with the hygienist (she had to do almost no cleaning, since his teeth were so clean) and dentist, after being quite upset at home when he heard where we were going.

I went out to Walnut Creek to hit the Nordstrom store for the big gift for C&J (watches), and I also stopped at the fitness place there for some more kettlebells for me and the older boys, and a jump rope. I even hit the new yarn store in Pleasanton (Knit and Purl), which is my idea of shopping therapy, and then went to the Sears and JC Penney’s for socks and underwear for Daddy and the boys. Yes, John gets socks and underwear eveyr year for Christmas, and he thoroughly loves them! It has become a tradition now 🙂 Chance and Jack won’t be too excited, although I did find some new cushioned socks that Jack will probably enjoy, he likes his socks!

While I was gone, Chance did 3 pre-labs reports for Biology, wow!
Jack did some reading – finished Watership Down and has started Steinbeck King Arthur book
also a bit of Life of Fred  (more division). He’s getting bogged down with the dividing of fractions, so I’m going to need to find some time to concentrate on that with him. He also listened to some of his history lectures, but he is not too thrilled with them. I just don’t know if I can find the time to do history with him, Luke is starting to need more formal homeschooling time, so the day is getting crowded.

Luke – I read some of the Young Math and I Love Math books (City Math with maps, plus Octopi Pie math) to him, and while they are meant to be picture books you read to your child, they are truly a very nice introduction to math: lots of counting and talking about math concepts in a low-key, very fun way. Luke is very binary in his counting right now, instead of saying 3 or 4, he says “1 and 2 apples”, or “2 and 2 oranges”, which is funny. He knows the whole number, and can count items up to 11 and 12, but he persists in the binary labeling, so he is adding and subtracting at the very least.

We all watched the new Star Trek movie (I hadn’t seen it yet), once Luke went to sleep.

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