Saturday, Dec 12th, 2009

Took back Converse shoes for Luke
Daddy home – played Bohanza with all boys
Chance reading the Sheehan book (Cold War)
Jack reading King Arthur book, plus Artemis Fowl

Jack and Luke watched NG show about Orca killing Great White Whale – learning how to turn the over to put them into tonic
Luke – read new human body encyclopedia with him (bones, muscles, joints, skin) Didn’t like first time I read it to him, but now he enjoys it, and we work on the concepts together (he tells me to just read the book someitmes!)
Read the Nature Math of the Young Math series, with patterns found in nature (branch, hex, concentric circles, spirals and stars).

All three planned out making mashmallow shooters! went to store with Daddy
Jack wants his b-day celebration tomorrow

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