Making pizzelles with Daddy

I didn’t make very many Christmas cookies this year, mainly because they disappear very quickly, and with only 6 people in the house, that is a lot of calories! However, one of the Christmas cookies we always make every year is pizzelles, because they are Daddy’s favorite cookies, and we have the pizzelle iron to make them properly. We made them after Christmas Day, but that was okay, since John had taken a few days off from work, and it was a nice activity for the boys. We tried a slightly older recipe, that depended on highly beaten eggs and sugar for their lift (no baking powder), and was thinner than the dough we’ve used in the past, which raised John’s eyebrows. John pronounced them okay, but I thought they were marvelously thin and crispy cookies, which we usually don’t get to make, since butter is the key component in other lacy cookies. We ended up adding some cocoa and more sugar to make chocolate cookies, which everyone loved! We haven’t put away the iron yet, since I want to fiddle with the recipe a bit more, and plus, I found a recipe for maple flavored and walnut pizzelle cookies that sounds incredible. Yet another raised eyebrow from John, however…

Daddy and Luke are adding the small amount of flour to the eggs and sugar in the mixing bowl, it was indeed a very small amount of flour compared to some of the other recipes we have tried. Luke loves turning on the mixer, but he almost destroyed my spatula in the process, so he’s learned to ask first. Daddy is telling him about how important it is to time your cooking of the pizzelles in the iron, so he’s looking at the clock. The other problem with this recipe is that the cooked pizzelles are very thin and delicate, so you needed to be very careful. If I use it again, I’ll boost the flavor with lemon or orange, plus a lot more vanilla.

Daddy showed Luke how you can make ice cream cones, although the plain ones were so delicate, it was a tricky proposition. Luke was impressed though, and then he started doing zombie impressions for the Mama with the camera!

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