Plastic Eliminators October 2009 Project Meeting

The Plastic Eliminators 4-H project had our first meeting of the year on October 3rd, 2009. We began the meeting with the subject of “Greening” SET night, a general 4-H event. As most 4-H events of that type use bottled water, we focused on coming up with a different method of water supply. As we had recently won the Golden Clover award, and thus had some funds available, we decided to invest in some kind of portable water tank which we could bring to 4-H events and fill from taps. We assigned several members to research possible systems. After we were finished with the talk about the water supply system, we began to discuss what we would do at our last Farmer’s Market booth, on the 21st. Last year, at the last Farmer’s Market, we all showed up in our recycled or re-used Halloween costumes, and we gave suggestions about “Greening your Halloween” to those who stopped at our booth, and we thought we would want to do something very similar this year. We decided that we would hand out 4-H bookmarks with the “Green” suggestions on them.  Two project members were assigned to work on producing the bookmarks.  Our last topic at the meeting was the possibility of having a “Say No To Plastic” fair, with alternatives to plastic and related information, but we did not discuss this in depth.

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