Journal Entry Monday 4Jan2010

Today was a work day for Jack, working on his 4-H movie for Presentation Day, which is coming up at the end of January. He worked some more on the animation for the plastic bottle coming out of the sewer pipes, and then researched the long-term effects of plastic on marine life, and finding some data about the increase in size of the Pacific Gyre over time, so he can show a graph in the movie. He also did some mind-mapping on a writing topic for the week: his fighting games with Luke! Apparently they involve a lot of complex scenarios with points for dying, and all of these other rules this girl could never understand.He commented later to me that working on the movie has actually helped him learn how to just out something down on paper and then improve it, without being so frozen about making it perfect from the very start. It is true that making movies is definitely an editing process, it is near impossible to start with a perfect animation, so this might be something we explore in more detail in getting him to practice putting content on the paper/screen and then improving/revising/editing it.

Chance has a typical day for him as of late, he did a few tests for Campbell’s Biology (he is on test #12), plus reviewing some Latin in Wheelock’s in preparation for the Lukeion class. He also spent a lot of time working on his Plastic Eliminators blog, since he is doing a PowerPoint presentation on it for Presentation Day. The older boys also walked back from the library by themselves to get in some exercise, since we had too many books to take back (needed the car), and Luke was being a bit whiny about going for a walk after we returned home.

Luke didn’t get in any math, but I did pick him up some King Arthur books from the library, since he has been pretending a lot lately about being a knight, so we read: The Reluctant Dragon although I didn’t realize it was an abriged version until after we finished it. The original must be really long, but Luke did enjoy this version. Oh, now I see, I looked at the preview of the original version on Amazon, and she really only modernized the language a bit and cleaned up some of the extra langiuage. I will have to take out the original version for Luke, now that he knows the story, I would like him to experience the writing from 100 years ago, it was so different from the authors today, and indeed, since of our favorite books are old.  I’m also trying very hard to find books with pictures on every page but with a lot of text, since he needs some practice in sitting for the longer books. I also read him this book about King Arthur that he enjoyed immensely, even with, or maybe because of the fighting and bloody knights!

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