Luke waiting for brothers at YSP


 Chance and Jack are taking a class with the Youth Stewardship Program in San Francisco, which teaches the kids about taking care of their local green spaces, as well as planting and growing native plants. The boys are taking it with a group of kids from BAGHS, so they get to hang out with their friends, which is a nice side benefit. This was the first class, so the boys and I took BART to SF, walked about a mile uphill to the classroom, and while Chance and Jack were in class, Luke got to play on the really nice playground right outside.


 He spent a lot of time trying to conquer the really tall slide – he must have tried to climb up at least 6-7 times, and he kept falling back down, climbing up again, getting most of the way up only to fall back again! He finally decided it was just easier to climb up the proper way.


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