NEEB Hike at Mission Peak Jan2010

These are a few pictures from our NEEB hike in January, where we went to Mission Peak in Fremont, using the trailhead right next to the Ohlone College parking lot (in fact, we were worried about getting parking tickets, because there is no clearly marked parking for hikers). The first part of the trail is pretty urban, you can not only see the college, but also a lot of the city of Fremont in the distance, but you soon start climbing up and then go around this big curve, when the city falls away and you feel like you are really on a hike, with green hills and lots of trees. the East Bay Parks Deparment allows ranchers to pasture their cows on parkland (epecially because the ranches let hikers use ranchland to access certain parts of the parks), and true to form, we soon had a cow and her baby following us on the trail. I thought at first that they were lonely or something (I’m such a city gal, how cute), but they were really just trying to get back to the main herd, which we saw after our little break playing in the huge tree in the picture below.

This is Luke trying to wear one of the big backpacks, but he didn’t wear it long enough for me to get a proper picture. It is time to get out the smaller backpack so he can get used to carrying one though!










This picture is of Mission Peak, which is about 1.5 miles away from the parking lot even before you start climbing it, so I was pretty sure Luke wouldn’t want to try to get to the top. However, one of my moms really wanted to try, and Luke just adores her eldest daughter (Natalie), and so off we went to reach the top! He complained only a little bit, but keeping up with the other kids kept him distracted and they had so much fun at the top playing in the rocks and looking at the views.










I can’t publish the pictures of the whole group playing, but here are a few shots of Luke and Jack playing King of the World, and really it feels that way when you are on the top of Mission Peak. It looks like a horrible drop-off, but it is a very gentle slope downward, so the kids were never in any real danger.

Where is Chance, you mght ask? He hasn’t been coming on the hikes lately, since his Latin class with Lukeion “meets” online on Tuesday, and attendance is part of your final grade, so he’s been staying home.


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