The Police Gene

Luke loves his Detroit Police cap and t-shirt, and he spent some of his Christmas money last week on a very nice police hat and uniform, and spends a good amount of time almost every day dressing up as his version of a policeman: wearing his cowboy boots, attaching all of his “guns” and tools (walkie-talkie, old PVC pipes that look like a gun to him and so on). It turns out that Luke’s great-grandfather on his dad’s side, John Boreczky, was a long-time Chicago police officer, and Cioca sent us a picture of him in his uniform:

Do you think Luke looks like him at all? I also had Jack (who looked just like his daddy as a little boy – last picture below) wear the police hat, so you could compare. They are frowning in a few of the pictures because Luke wanted to look like the tough guy his grandfather appeared to be!
 This last picture is of Daddy as a very little boy “investigating” the storm drains with his Grandpa John on the streets of Chicago.

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