Going to the Ocean Film Festival

We went to the San Francisco Film Festival for a field trip with our BAGHS group, and since we arrived a bit early (since I wasn’t too sure about how long the ferry was going to take, we budgeted for extra time), so we went over to the piers to see how the sea lions were doing. They all disappeared a few months ago, much to the consternation of the tourists and the storekeepers at Pier 39, since they atract a lot of visitors. You can see a few in the picture below, but normally the floating platforms are compleely crowded with sea lions. The good news is that the scientists think they will return in even larger numbers as the food supply normailizes and they return from their other feeding area.



















This is a picture of the boys posing near a sign for the festival after the event. They enjoyed it quite a bit, and our group was very well behaved and asked most of the questions of the filmmakers and the emcee of the event. We had quite a few school groups behind us who weren’t very well behaved, and I told Luke that he was a marvelously well behaved boy, which made him happy. I mean, here was a 4 year old acting better than 10-12 year old kids!

Here are the boys outside posing again for me – it was a very rainy San Francisco day, but we all had our rainhats and coats, so it wasn’t a problem.

I think Luke enjoyed the ferry ride there and back to San Francisco the most, but even Chance and Jack looked like they were having fun as well. We had to drive to Alameda to catch the ferry, but that is still a lot better than driving to SF, and even worse, trying to find parking near Pier 39. We got a birds’ eye view of container ships as we pulled out of Alameda, which Luke enjoyed thoroughly, and even the choppy waves on the way back didn’t seem to disturb the boys one little bit.

Can you see the rain on the window? A gloomy day, but rain is always welcome in the Bay Area, and we seem to have gotten enough this season to bring us somewhat out of the drought (we still have a few months of rainy season left), which is great news.






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