Playing Silly Games with Grandma

Luke doesn’t get to play with the brothers as much as he’d like, since they are busy with homeschooling and classes, and so he plays with Grandma instead, and they come up with the silliest games!

This first one involves putting Luke in a laundry basket, and then Grandma pushes him as hard as she can with her feet so he goes sliding across the floor. Luke thinks it is about the funnest thing ever, and Grandma has to be the one to stop the game, Luke would go all day if he could.





The second game involves using one of Luke’s toys (actually a hand-me-down from the brothers) that has a turntable underneath, and goes around. So, Luke sits on it, Grandma turns him around as fast as she dares, and great fun is had by all. Until they chipped off the edge of the turntable, that is!



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