17Feb2010 Walk to the Library

 We walk to the library at few times a week, not only to get our exercise in, but to get more books out as well. I took a few shots of the boys posing, and then tried to catch Luke in his usual mode – dashing to and fro and climbing rails and ramps.

 I took this shot because I wanted to catch the fact that Luke’s pants are too short, and he’s been wearing these jeans for the last few months without a problem. In fact, all three boys are wearing “flood” pants, particularly Chance, who essentially needs some men’s pants, since the size 18 boys’ pants are going to last for maybe another few months. I measured Chance yesterday since I realized with a shock that he was significantly taller than me all of a sudden, and lo and behold, he has grown at least 4 inches in the last 6 months or so, and is probably about 5’7, 5’8, I’m afraid to measure the exact height 🙂

Jack hasn’t shot up as much, but he’s a tiny bit ahead of where Chance was at the same age, and Luke of course, has grown about an inch in a few months, so I’m planning on some clothers shopping very soon.

 Here he is, not listening to Mama telling him to come back and take another picture, the little dickens:

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