Playing Legos

Luke has been building Legos lately with a passion, and sometimes all he wants to do all day is build a new Lego set with Daddy. He’s able to follow any of the Lego instructions, only needing a little help with pushing a tough piece into place (his fingers aren’t always strong enough), and while he prefers a fresh Lego set (fortunately he’s lucky, his Daddy likes new Lego sets as well), Jack talked him into going upstairs the other day to build Legos with their imaginations with good success. Luke actually came down the stairs exclaiming “We invented a new Lego set with our brains!”. This is a good thing, because we are running out of room for new Lego sets in this house otherwise.

Oh, and the last picture? Luke beaming at me to show just how happy he is when he is building a Lego set with his Daddy. it says it all, I think.


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