At home in March 2010, part 1

This is a collection of pictures from March of the boys at home, hanging out with Daddy, playing, riding bikes and having fun.


These first few pictures are of Luke helping Daddy fix the slide in the backyard, which needed to be re-screwed onto the playset, since it was loose and wriggling quite a bit when little boys jump down the slide. Luke loves helping out with any task that involves tools – don’t all little boys? – and Daddy has always been good about letting all three of his boys actually “help”, even using drills and turning the screwdriver.

 I’m not too sure what is fascinating Luke so much, I would guess he is trying to figure out how the screw is going into the wood.

 This is Jaina, the rescue chicken, who started it all when we adopted her from a woman who couldn’t keep her anymore (Jaina was fighting too much with her other chicken, and the woman was afraid one of them would get seriously injured). Jack actually took these pictures, since he has Small Animal Field Day coming up in a few weeks, where our Poultry Project is going to have a booth about Urban Chickens, and kids can also enter an appropriate photo for a contest. I helped judge last year’s photo contest, and I can say the picture below would be one of the better ones! I’ve had Jack take at least 100 pictures so far, but he’ll probably try again this weekend, chickens are surprisingly difficult to photograph, I’ve deleted many blurry shots and pictures of chicken’s behinds!

 Luke swinging in the backyard is a very common sight lately, he tries to go out at least once a day to swing for about 30 minutes, and will swing more if someone will come out and keep him company. He’s not afraid of the chickens (they get let out from the coop at about 2 pm), although Jaina can someitmes run after him looking for food, and he will come screaming for us. She’s not a mean chicken, just curious, and hungry for her corn, but she does like to peck if she wants something. All of the chickens like to hang out with us humans a bit, they come over and congregate with us when we are out pulling weeds or playing with Luke. Anyway, my little swinger has gotten quite good at swinging all by himself, and of course, he tries to go as high as he possibly can!

 This is a picture of Jack and Luke getting out the marble run stuff and playing with the marbles. A physics lesson?

 One of the other families in 4-H gave us this bike that their youngest child had outgrown, which is a perfect size for Luke, and we spent a lot of time in March taking him down to the local park so he could ride. Jack came with his bike, and the boys spent about 90 minutes riding around the pavement. The training wheels on his bike are a bit wobbly, so he is getting some early training in balancing, but he’s still pretty new to a two-wheeler, so I don’t think he’ll be an early bike rider like Jack was, who was riding without training wheels right before he turned 4, mainly because Chance was!

Luke is always very insistent on wearing the elbow and knee pads along with his helmet, of course.

 More swinging on another day with Daddy…


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