Old pictures of Luke in the bathtub


I’ve been going through all of my old pictures in Picasa, which makes it very easy for me to tag and lable my pictures, and I found these pictures of Luke hamming it up for Mama in the tub while taking a bath, I just had to post them! These pictures must have been before he decided that he was afraid of taking a bath – I think he must be using the bathseat in these pictures, but once he became too big for the seat (which suctioned down to the floor of the tub), he didn’t feel very secure, and getting him to take a bath became quite the ordeal for a while. Anyway, here you go:


The pictures were taken in December of 2006, so Luke was about 18M old.

Mama has a camera, it is time for me to start making faces!



How does that camera work anyway? (Luke now loves taking pictures with the camera)




I am just too cute!

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