The Plastic Quilt Project

 One of the things the boys have beem working on in their Plastic Eliminators project for 4-H is making quilt squares from plastic that they have saved from around the house. This is part of a larger project, called the International Plastic Quilt Project, run by a really nice woman named Cheryl, who stayed with us for a few days when she came to San Francisco to take part in the Maker Faire (more about that below). Her website is Creating Plenty.

In the picture below, the boys are showing off the plastic quilt panel to the 4-H meeting.

 When the Plastic Eliminators project decided to show their first panel at the Maker Faire, Chance and Jack decided we needed to make more quilt squares so we could have more than one panel at Maker Faire (Cheryl would be bringing a whole quilt), so this is a picture of all three boys working. Even Luke got into the spirit of the thing, and made quite a nice square of a lake and beach.

This is a link to a YouTube video of the boys working on the original panel with their fellow 4-H project members.


 A very proud Luke with his square, which was displayed at the Maker Faire with everyone else’s!

 Chance working the San Leandro Farmer’s Market with his fellow project member showing off the quilt square panel, as well as talking about plastics and other recycling issues with the public.

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