Take the young boys bowling, take them bowling…

The title of the post is from an old Camper von Beethoven song “Take the skinheads bowling”, but I thought I would subsitute a more appropriate one. We did go bowling yesterday, all of us, and the boys had a terrific time. Some friends from High School Without Borders joined us, and while Jack and Luke were doing a semi-reasonable bowling walk and swing, Chance was still walking up to the line and then throwing the ball down the lane, no matter how many times I walked him through the movements. The next time we go, I will bowl too (I didn’t this time to let the kids have fun without parents), so I can help him more.

Luke loved bowling, he even got a few spares and one strike, which made him so proud and happy, he was strutting! He scored an 85 for one game, and Chance and Jack got 70-90s, with Jack getting 140 for one game (three strikes). The best thing is that bowling alleys today have these buffer gates on the sides of some of the lanes, so if your ball goes off course towards the gutter, the gate keeps it from turning into a gutter ball. I only wish we had had those when I was younger and learning to bowl, it makes the game so much more fun when you are just starting out.

The only bad thing about Manor Bowl, the alley we went to here in San Leandro doesn’t have hot food during the day, so we had to eat Pop Tarts and a few CLif bars for lunch; Luke seemed to enjoy that part, however, but next time we wlll be better prepared.


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