On the road again

I wish we weren’t leaving earlier than planned for Michigan, if only that it would mean that Uncle Vince would be there in Michigan waiting, but we are leaving early and trying to make the best of it, even if it means feeding the boys Pop Tarts for breakfast! It was a crammed day of packing and a little bit of cleaning yesterday, but we are on the road at 7:30 am, which is pretty great. We have a CD case full of storytapes from the library, an iPad stocked with history books for Chance and new fiction for Daddy and Jack, a bin with Legos and art material for Luke and a bag of knitting for Mama. We are going to try and get there by Wednesday afternoon, so we have some long days ahead, but I think we have enough entertainment to keep us happy! This SquareSpace application means I can blog from the road and keep track of our progress instead of writing it down, plus pictures which is really very, very cool!

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