Heading to San Francisco by way of Berkeley

A busy day, but lots if fun for all of us! First I took the two older boys to Berkeley for an open house happening at Berkeley Lawrence Labs (this is the place with a particle accelerator and other cutting edge physics labs – they are on their 13th Nobel Prize winner) up above Cal campus. You can see the kinds of research the scientists are doing (as well as talking to them), plus see the accelerator (they ran out of tickets unfortunately, Jack was disappointed). Then we took BART home, picked up Daddy and are now on the way to their friends house to drop them off for a sleepover after which we will head to San Francisc for our anniversary get away. Luke is having a ball too, Grandma took him to the Berkeley Marina to meet up with a friend he hasn’t seen since June – they got to go into Adventure Playland, which has gotten national attention for being a place where kids literally make their own playground, oh yes, total bliss for a 6 year old!

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