Those kissing cherries!

Today was Luke’s big debut as a Shakespeare actor, Demetrius, in the play “Midsummer’s Night Dream”. He had been practicing this play for the last 11 weeks with the rest of the kids in Thinkering Day with two actors/teachers from the San Francisco Shakespeare Youth Troupe, Jeremy and Mariah. The whole family has been working with Luke almost the entire time to help him memorize his lines (it was an abbreviated play, but he still had quite a few lines for a 6 year old, and the language wasn’t changed at all, so we also spent some time talking about what certain lines meant, and what Demetrius might have been feeling in certain scenes.). I wasn’t too sure he had 100% mastery up until the night before the performance, but he told me he got all of his lines for the actual performance (I couldn’t really hear him, or any of the kids say their lines), so I guess all of the hard work paid off. I even recorded one of our sessions practicing on my iPhone so that he could listen to it and practice since I think he needed to maybe hear himself saying the lines to help imprint them some more, since he had 4-5 parts where he knew the lines but just needed that first work said so he could remember it.


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